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Original Arts Singapore is an online contemporary art gallery. We offer beautiful affordable original art & prints from art pieces, art collections to art sets created by Singapore Artists - paintings, drawings, printmaking art prints and photography art prints

The art gallery is powered by Singapore Arts Street in continuation of promoting our Singapore local arts

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Beautifully made original art and prints by Singapore Artists are simply what Original Arts Singapore offers. As an online modern contemporary art gallery based in Singapore, we always trying our best to bring in original works of art that are mostly affordable and making them easy for your purchase in a few clicks. However, this does not stop us from bringing you higher value unique artworks for your collecting pleasure.

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What are the Art Mediums in our plan?

Original Arts Gallery works toward showcasing all the four main 2-dimensional art mediums of original fine art pieces, art sets and art collections that are suitable for hanging on wall spaces including printmaking, painting, photography and drawing.

How are the artworks & prints quality like?

Our art collections are carefully curated. Our art website only displays original art and prints that are created by artists. Artworks collected will be from Singapore practicing artists ranging from budding artists, professional artists, emerging artists and renowned artists.

Are they real art and prints made by artists?

At Original Arts Singapore, all original art and prints will be signed by the creation artists. Our gallery do not and have no intention in future to carry any art replica reproduced from original works by copying artists or digital printing machines, nor any art prints that do not involve artist creation. All artworks you purchased here are collected from the creator artists or their art studio and ship to your doorstep within Singapore.

What is featured for now and future?

For a start, our gallery is featuring the beautiful printmaking masterpieces from the multiple awards winning artist, Chng Seok Tin. Ms. Chng has achieved the Singapore's pinnacle arts award, Cultural Medallion for her achievement in artistic excellence. She is also known as the pioneer of the modern printmaking practice in Singapore for her exceptional contribution to local printmaking art scene.


It may take some time for more artists to get ready. Our online art gallery will continue to work steadily with our local artists bringing you high quality, beautifully-made new artworks from time to time. We hope to make your time worthwhile each time you visit our art gallery each time. Thank you for your patience.


So, be anticipated to entice with our range of original art and prints portraying the different perspective of beauty and exquisiteness from the various Singapore original artists.

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Flexible to Match your Home Interior, Ease for Collection

Most of the artworks come with the original format without a standard frame. That says you pay no hidden cost for a default frame that may be too big or too small when hanging on your wall and most importantly, not to your liking.


You get all the flexibility to customize the mounting and framing with your favorite frame shop. Fine-tunning the wall art to the exact right size and color to match it perfectly to your home interior.


The slim packing with no frame also means that you will have more space to store them if you are keeping them for collecting purpose.

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Artwork Sets

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No home is complete without an original piece of wall art that you like as the final touch. A well-selected artwork not only compliments the interior design of the house. It also gives a sense of the owner’s taste and style. Create the unique moods that you like for the various rooms at home now.

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Singapore, where multiracial and multinational co-exist in harmony and all multicultural meets; where Western, Eastern and different fusion of art styles, techniques and mediums meets; where wide diversity of subject matters meet, Nanyang and Peranakan are just two of the many unique ones. Original Arts in Singapore is indeed more than meet the eyes. Find your favourite painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, and fine art artists work here.

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Singapore Fine Artists


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All Artworks are Original

Artworks are collected from artist’s studio and ship to your doorstep in Singapore.



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