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The beauty of a printmaking art print is the vintage appeal and methods of making the prints. Some artists choose to preserve the traditional techniques and further refine their skills over the years, while others walk their journey of endless experimentation, and developed their unique personal methods of making prints.


What are the artistic process?
The process of making an artworks through printing is called Printmaking. The artwork created is known as an impression or a print. The artist needs to create their artistic composition onto a plate which is more commonly made of copper, linoleum or wood. The creation may involved techniques like engraving, etching, lithography and linocut depending on the plate materials.


Once the completed plate is inked, the plate will be pressed against on a carefully preselected paper material to transfer the artistic composition. The transferring process, in most of the time, may require additional tedious manual effort to ensure each impression meets expectation.


What makes printmaking artwork valuable?
A plate can produce multiple prints forming an limited edition. Only prints that maintain high consistent quality will be signed and numbered, any inconsistency will be destroyed. Hence, every print is considered as an original artwork. Some prints produced in small limited editions while at times, some irreversible or complex processes involved could only create the very one unique print.


Printmaking Artwork, sometimes is also called as Print or Art Print. The term Art Print is commonly mixed-up with digital printouts from scanned images of art pieces. There is no artist involvement in generating such printouts, hence they cannot be considered as originals. Sadly, many digital printing shops like to market such reproductions as Original Art Print adding even more confusion.


What is in store?
Our prints collection come in various sizes, monotone and multicolors making them the excellent choice for different space at home.


Our collections of contemporary prints, woodcut prints, etching prints and monoprint are handcrafted and signed by the original artist printmaker. All prints are numbered as limited edition or marked as single print. Hence, some prints may be more valuable than others due to its rarity.

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