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Wall Art for Home

Wall art is one of the essential elements in a modern home that define the personality and style of the owner and space. Art pieces for wall is expressed through color, content and texture and they set the right feel for the space. Buying an hanging art is indeed an art by itself.

A soothing color and tone piece of art makes your bedroom perfect for retreat and relaxation while a right artwork at living room and dinning room stimulates conversation, smaller art at kitchen make the space warm and cozy and simple art pieces make kids' room livelier.

Living Room Wall Art

Wall Art for Living Room

A living room is a space that your guests spend most of their time. Art & prints for living room too large can be overwhelming and too small on a wall can be lost. Larger canvas paintings can look stunning in a spacious living room while smaller art collection in sets works well in a more modest cozy space.

Be it canvas or framed paintings, printmaking art prints or photography art prints, look for one or two prominent colors in your living room and select wall art that contain these similar colors for a coordinating feel to your interior design.

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Dining Room Wall Art

Blue Abstract Painting on Dining Room Wall

The dining room is an excellent space for family bonding over meals and excellent for socializing and celebration with relatives and friends. Art for dining room creates a focal point and pulls the space together. It also makes the room feel complete.

In an open concept like the living room and dining room, a large canvas painting, printmaking print, or photography art well in adding a burst of color to define the dining space. A striking abstract piece or a landscape art can create a window like an effect on the interior walls while collections of smaller art pieces are ideal to make into gallery wall to show who you are and what you like, it will be a feast for the eyes to your guest.

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Bedroom Wall Art

Black & White Abstract Painting against Bedroom Wall

A bedroom is a place for relaxation. Art for bedroom should be serene enough for a soothing retreat.

An abstract artwork with a neutral tone and soft colors can add tranquility to your bedroom while black and white photography with a burst of seductive red can adds sensuality to your bedroom. Scenery painting of wild and moonlight gives a mystical feel and create a spiritual space where you can find peace. Artwork of birds, flowers, and greens give you just the right connection to nature when you shut eyes. Large pieces work better hanging at eye level on the wall behind or in front of your bed.

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Kids' Room Wall Art

Wall Art for Kids' Room

Children spend lots of time sleeping, playing, study and dreaming in their bedroom. Simple canvas paintings, watercolors, and drawings in smaller scale are ideal art for kids' room.

Little girls adore pink, baby blue, dreamy lilac and grass green, artwork with splashes of these pastels work well for their room. Bold Scarlet, leaf green and indigo is great to create a cool den for boy’s imaginative play. Siblings sharing a room need to clearly mark their personal zones with their own private corners and decoration they both like. The wall behind their beds is a great focal point for hanging artwork that reflects their little personality.

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